HIV and AIDS Community Service Directory During COVID-19

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In cooperation with the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS), the Minnesota AIDSLine staff have gathered information from other AIDS Service Organizations who receive full or partial funding from the State of Minnesota and/or Hennepin County to create a centralized list of services affected by the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). Because situations change frequently and every agency's circumstance is different, there may be a lag of time between when information about services change and when the information on this page is updated.

JustUs Health and the Minnesota AIDSLine will make changes to the information on this page daily or as needed. The full Minnesota AIDSLine Resource Directory can be viewed here.

Page last updated March 24, 2020


Allina Health Uptown Clinic

  • All Medical Case Management staff (case managers, pharm D, foster care, social worker) will be working remotely for most of the week. Email and phone are the preferred options for communications.
  • The clinic will have one staff person on site each day for faxes, mail and other needs to support the case managers who are working remotely.


Children's Hospitals and Clinics

  • All non-clinical staff are all working remotely.
  • The infectious disease clinic remains open, but they are moving to telemedicine appointments for non-urgent appointments.

Visit the Children's Hospitals and Clinics COVID-19 information page for more details.


Delaware Infectious Disease Clinic

  • Regular clinic operations are still happening.
  • New patients, anyone returning to care or people who are new to Minnesota can call Jeff Strowbridge directly at 612-676-4050 for assistance.


HeathPartners Medical Clinics

  • The infectious disease clinic remains open, but most non-urgent appointments are being converted to telephone visits or rescheduled for a later date.
  • There is at least one social worker at the HealthPartners Specialty Center who will be onsite during clinic hours.
  • All HealthPartners clinics are limiting in-person contact to urgent patients and are screening individuals at main entrances and again at check-in.
  • All pharmacies are closed as of March 31. Clients should call their social workers for help with recommendations for medication fills/re-fills. 


Hennepin Healthcare – Positive Care Center (PCC)

  • PCC is canceling non-urgent medical appointments and have limited case management staff on site.
  • Rapid-Access appointments are both still being scheduled.
  • Licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselors are available by phone and hospital assessments only.

Visit the Hennepin Healthcare COVID-19 information page for more details.


Indigenous Peoples Task Force (IPTF) 

  • Medical case managers are working remotely.
  • HIV testing has been suspended.
  • Syringe Exchange hours are 1 – 4 p.m.

See website for more information. 


Mayo Clinic

  • There is at least one case manager on site in office during appointment times; no in-person visits. 
  • They are offering virtual visits or rescheduling appointments. 
  • The clinic is limiting the number of patients and screening people outside of the building.

See website for more information.


OPEN ARMS of Minnesota

  • Regular delivery schedule is still occurring.
  • Emergency 'shelf-stable' food bags are also being delivered with meals.

See website for more information. 


Park Nicollet Infectious Disease Clinic

  • The clinic is limiting in-person contact to urgent patients only.
  • Staff are working remotely with limited on-site in-clinic time each week.

See the Park Nicollet COVID-19 response page for more information.


red door clinic

  • Hours  have changed to:

    • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday
      8 am – 4 pm
    • Thursday
      10 am - 4 pm
  • Accepting walk-in appointments for active STI symptoms. A Nurse Practitioner is doing triage and screening.
  • There are limited appointments for PrEP, Family planning and STI testing.

See the Red Door Clinic website for more information.


The Aliveness Project

  • The Aliveness Project is operating with curbside pickup for meals and food shelf with increased pre-shopped amounts.
  • Case management and other services have been adapted to reduce in-person contact.

See their COVID-19 response page for more details.


Rural AIDS Action Network (RAAN)

  • Case management program is operating remotely and has discontinued face to face meetings.
  • Transportation services is operating without change.
  • Duluth Syringe Exchange has switched to delivery only.
  • Mankato Syringe Exchange is still operating in person.
  • All support groups have been canceled through April 30.

See website for more information on programs and services.


Youth and AIDS Project (YAP)

  • YAP is working under the guidance of the University’s COVID -19 response with staff working remotely.
  • They are staggering office time when needed and using Facetime with clients.
  • All Health Education Risk-Reduction groups have been suspended through April 30.

See website for more information.


If you are an AIDS Service Organization with updates to your programs and services, please email with any changes to your services.