Vision, Mission, & Values

LGBTQ people in park

We envision a Minnesota where people from diverse gender, sexual, and cultural communities experience health and wellness in powerfully inclusive environments.

To lead the work to achieve health equity for diverse gender, sexual, and cultural communities.

We are committed to these core values that guide our decisions and direct our behavior:

  • Inclusion. Honoring diversity and practicing inclusivity, collaboration, tolerance and respect for our clients, our colleagues and our communities.
  • Equity. Advocating health equity, justice, fairness, and the elimination of all social barriers to quality mental and physical healthcare.
  • Innovation. Embracing new ideas, rewarding creativity, and implementing innovative programs that demonstrate social progress and responsibility.
  • Compassion. Providing services that enhance lives, value relationships, and demonstrate a commitment to human rights and dignity.
  • Integrity. Demonstrating moral courage, uncompromising ethics, and earning trust by matching our actions to our words while accepting accountability and responsibility.
  • Professionalism. Conducting all our affairs with the highest proficiency, professional discipline, leadership, and responsible stewardship for all resources.
  • Excellence. Relentlessly delivering the highest quality in everything we undertake.