LGBT Older Adult Education Programs

JustUs Health members of the Board of Directors

JustUs Health is working to improve services for LGBT seniors

In November 2018, Training to Serve and JustUs Health have joined forces to continue delivering education to service providers across Minnesota.

Since 2008, Training to Serve has worked to improve the quality of life of LGBT people as they age. Education programs offer dynamic, culturally-responsive trainings on LGBT aging and dementia to healthcare and other service providers. This work has benefited thousands of LGBT older adults and family caregivers.

This important aging program will now be able to take advantage of JustUs Health's research capabilities, expand the work to include communities affected by HIV, and add capacity to train exponentially more professionals about LGBT aging. 

Looking for a list of facilities that will be comfortable for you as an LGBTQ consumer of service? View the Training to Serve 2014 Service Provider Directory.

Click here to review Minnesota Department of Health statistics on HIV and Minnesotans ages 50 and older.

How can you help?

There are many ways that people in our community can help us with our mission. Here are just a few of the simple things you can do today:

If you have questions about training programs, contact

Community Awards

Each year at our annual banquet, we announce the Catherine F. Croghan Award for LGBT Aging Advocacy and the John Yoakam Award for Service to LGBT Elders.