Celia Smith - Mental Health Care Coordinator

Celia Smith - Mental Health Care Coordinator

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Celia brings to the team expertise and insight in areas of crisis management and/or mental health stabilization services.

She has a Masters of Social Work from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and a Masters of Public Health from Kaplan University.  She is a Licensed Graduate Social Worker, pursuing a professional license of Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker [LICSW]. Celia has spent most of her professional career working to provide compassionate trauma-informed, and client-focused care to individuals who suffer from severe and persistent mental illness, those experiencing acute life situations which require immediate support, and those who require continuum of care services and/or supports that are not readily available to them. 

Celia has been trained in the therapeutic modalities of crisis inventions and/or prevention, CBT, DBT, mindfulness, stress management reduction, trauma informed care, strengths-based perspective, and Illness Management Recovery. She is looking forward to expanding her professional career by learning more about other modalities including accelerated experiential dynamic psychotherapy, among others.  She has worked with a diverse group of individuals including LGBTIQA+, varying ethnic backgrounds and socioeconomic status, and individuals of different religious and/or spiritual beliefs. She considers herself open-minded, and would enjoy the opportunity to learn about others' experiences and/or belief systems. 

Celia’s passion to be a helper/healer comes from her lived experiences of growing up in communities where poverty and violence were rampant in which she was a witness to the challenges that are faced by individuals stuck in these environments. Her life's story gives her the passion and desire to give-back in whatever capacity she can, even if it’s being a model for change. Her hope is that she can inspire people to do big things in their life by taking ownership of their situation and experiences and choosing to turn it around with support and action.