Medically Managing HIV

Doctor and Patient

Even though HIV is a serious and complex disease, there are simple things you can to manage your HIV to stay strong and healthy. Our staff is here to answer any questions you have about living with HIV.

Here are some tips:

Stay connected to a doctor. Staying connected to a doctor helps to monitor your condition and keep you healthy.  If you don't have a doctor, we can help you to find someone who has experience working with people living with HIV.

Take your medications. There are drugs you can take that keep HIV from harming your body. These kinds of drugs are called "antiretroviral” drugs. While they don't cure HIV, these drugs can prevent HIV from harming your immune system.  Other drugs can prevent or treat symptoms or keep your immune system strong if taken as prescribed. Without the medications or not taking medications consistently, HIV can harm your body or you may become resistant to some HIV medications.

Get Services. There are many social services available to people living with HIV. Our staff can connect you to social service providers in Minnesota who can help you with housing, medical insurance, medical providers, case management, and other services that make living with HIV easier.

Take care of your body. Eating a healthy diet, making a fitness plan, and reducing or eliminating substances like drugs and alcohol are ways to help to stay healthy while taking HIV medications.

The Rainbow Health AIDSLine is available to provide support, information, and referrals as you adjust to your diagnosis. Contact us at 612–373–2437 (Metro) or 800–248–2437 (Toll-Free) to talk and learn more.