LGBTQ Elder Stories

Three senior women walking on a street laughing

In 2014, Training to Serve, in cooperation with Twin Cities Public Television, worked with members of the LGBTQ community to tell their stories about how getting older has affected them and the concerns they have about aging. 

Our senior population is growing faster than ever. Are we prepared for their diverse needs? 

Listen to what Deb Taylor has to say about it.

The aging service industry will help older adults from all walks of life, including transgender people. 

Listen to what Brett has to say. 

...and some may begin to feel vulnerable. 

A vulnerable LGBTQ senior may hide their sexual orientation or gender identity. Listen to Kalthleen's perspective.

Demand for support is growing as well.

But the aging LGBTQ community may not ask for support due to fear and uncertainty. Take a listen to what Jane Danner has to say. 

Because of past experiences, elderly GLBTQ people may distrust medical and aging service providers. 

Listen to Stuart's story about a trauma that kept him from seeing a doctor for 20 years.