Get Condoms


Get Condoms: Condoms are the number one safer-sex tool. We always stock a wide variety here at Rainbow Health.

Why use ‘em? Condoms prevent the spread of HIV.

Using a condom correctly every time you have anal or vaginal sex is the most effective way to prevent the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and herpes.

In order to get the most protection out of condoms, they need to be used correctly. Here’s how:

• Keep condoms out of extreme cold or heat—this includes your back pocket!

• Check the condom’s expiration date and seal. Don’t use an expired condom!

• Pinch the reservoir tip and roll it down to the base of your penis.

• Don’t double up on condoms; it could cause them to tear.

• Avoid oil-based lubricants—they wear out the condom’s latex. Silicone and water-based lunes work perfectly with latex condoms. 

• Hold on to the condom when you pull out to avoid spilling fluids.

What kinds?

Need a condom? We carry many different types. Here’s a highlight of some of the condoms we have available in the community at JustUs Health and at LGBTQ establishments in the Twin Cities:

Extra pleasure condoms have an oversized tip. Because the tip is oversized, it is less constricting on your penis. Many people say it feels more ‘natural.’

Extra-large condoms are for big boys—remember that’s girth, not length! It’s the largest condom we carry.

You may have heard of the female condom, or as we like to call it, the bottom condom. The bottom condom is great for anyone looking to bottom. Once you insert it in your butt, you can wear it for up to eight hours before you have sex, so no hassle when you’re ready to get it on!

Other condoms we carry include snugger fit, ribbed pleasure, tuxedo, ultra-thin, non-latex and regular. We bet you can’t try just one! Figure out what kinds of condoms fit you best. Actually using condoms will help you to reduce your risk.

Where to get ‘em?

Where can you find free condoms? Why, at Rainbow Health of course! If you need condoms and lube for your own personal use, just stop by the front desk at Rainbow Health and the Minnesota AIDSLine will hook you up.

If you need condoms and lube for a special event, such as a play party, please contact the Rainbow Health Risk Reduction team member, or email your request to We can only fulfill requests from within the Twin Cities metro area.

You can also snag yourself one of Rainbow Health’s safer-sex kits during one of our outreach shifts at gay bars downtown.

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