Chemical Health Counselors

Help helps! JustUs Health works hard to support our clients who are working to improve their chemical health. Using a client-centered, risk-reduction, strengths-based approach, our Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors (LADCs) provide Chemical Health Assessments (formerly Rule 25 Assessments), linkage to chemical health services (including chemical dependency treatment), aftercare support, and advocacy for the unique pieces of our clients’ identities. Using our Pillars of Care, we work to help you reach your chemical health goals.

Chris Lorenz, MBA, LADC - Chemical Health Coordinator

Chris Lorenz, MBA, LADC

Chemical Health Coordinator


I am a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (#304674).  Over the years, I have worked in various positions within the chemical health field, including: Chemical Dependency Technician, MICD Residential Admissions Coordinator, MICD Residence Manager, Chemical Health Assessor, and Chemical Health Case Manager. Regardless of my position, I have always been most passionate about helping individuals who are experiencing active addiction.

I work from a client-centered perspective that highlights your experiences and values.  By doing this, we can find your strengths and prioritize these within your plan of care. I specialize in working with the LGBTQIAA2S community and people who are living with HIV, specifically around the intersections of chemical dependency, mental health issues, and homelessness in their lives.

When we work together, I want you to feel safe from judgment so we can develop a relationship based on your experiences, your truths, and your goals.  I will always strive to help you find hope and a way to live life with purpose, meaning, and connection with others.

Drew Boivin

Chemical Health Assessor


I am a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (#305227).  I work from a person-centered perspective, collaborating alongside people towards liberation, wellness, and compassion.  I take a trauma-informed and relational approach to counseling, using mindfulness, Health Realization, Positive Psychology, and creative-based approaches to meet people where they are at on their journeys. 

I’m interested in the confluence of mental, chemical, and sexual health, and expanding access to services among marginalized communities and identities.  My hope is that through my work the people I serve will feel more hopeful, empowered, and better able to access the strengths and capabilities that reside within them.

Brenden Ormsby

Chemical Health Intern


I am a graduate student working towards my Masters in Social Work at the University of St. Thomas.  I work from a strengths-based, person-centered, trauma-informed, cognitive-behavioral approach working alongside clients to effect lasting change in their lives.  My professional background is primarily in acute direct care settings working with adolescents. 

I’m interested in severe and chronic mental health problems, especially with adolescents.  I have a passion for working with people with personality disorders and self-injurious behavior.  My goal is to help people realize the strengths and power they have and gain the skills and knowledge to apply those skills in their lives.

When we work together I want you to know that I believe that everything a person does makes sense in context and that people invariably do the best with what they have.  I will always aim to help you see how your strength is evident in everything you do and to help you connect that strength to the life you want to live.