Clinical Trainees

Zoe Odegard

­­­Zoe Odegard

Behavioral Health Intern


I am currently pursuing a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Saybrook University, which is nationally accredited by CACREP. While the program I attend is rooted in a person-centered approach, I also resonate with and utilize Feminist and Multicultural orientations. Additionally, I come from a professional background in legal advocacy for both reproductive rights and healthcare.

I have a rich history of formal mindfulness education and hold the associated values of nonjudgement of self and others in high regard. Trained in trauma-informed mindfulness, I recognize the healing power of the somatic experience, while giving respect to the reality that, for many of us, the body might not always feel like a safe place. My hope is that you will find comfort in counseling with me, and I strive to offer a space where you feel complete and accepted just as you are.

Grief and the process of dying are of deep interest to me, and I honor the opportunity to aid others as they navigate loss of all kinds. In addition, I have a passion for sex-positivity and welcome discussions surrounding all aspects of sexual health and identity. Regardless of what is proving challenging in your life right now, I find the therapeutic relationship to be a powerful tool for all types of personal healing and growth.

Darrell Young photo

Darrell Young

Behavioral Health Intern


I am currently working toward my Master’s in Social Work at Walden University. JustUs Health has provided me a great opportunity to gain needed skills as an aspiring Mental Health Professional. This experience will have a profound impact on my professional development and gives me the opportunity to apply evidence-based practices in a professional setting.  I pride myself on being driven to help those who have been mistreated and need constructive help.  By taking a professional approach to my work, I have been able to have a strong influence when working with other professionals to come up with innovative ideas to help clients.

I hold a BA in Sociology with a minor in Psychology from the University of South Carolina. I also have a Graduate Certificate in Criminal justice from Liberty University.  I am currently a member of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW). I have experience working with group and individual therapy that involves developing coping skills for life stressors.  I will be using a strength-based approach to connect with client’s resilience to overcome adverse events in their lives.

I look forward to being your ally and most importantly creating a healing environment that is conducive to positive behavioral health.   I am thankful and excited to be a reliable advocate for you when it comes to accomplishing your goals.