HERR Day Out

Hands embracing

HERR Day Out is a Health Education/Risk Reduction (HERR) support group for women living with HIV that increases emotional well-being by providing a safe place to share the experience of living with HIV.

In Minnesota, 24 percent of all people living with HIV are women. Women of color made up 70 percent of all the newly diagnosed females in 2018 with African-born and Non-Hispanic African-American women being the most disproportionately affected.

Management of HIV is essential to living a long, healthy life. For many, the only safe place to discuss their status is during a medical appointment, which are generally every 3 to 6 months. Keeping emotions on hold between doctor visits causes women to suffer from depression, anxiety and emotional isolation.  At HERR Day Out, we encourage women to create their own peer support network that offers a daily connection.

HERR Day Out meets throughout the year. If you are a Minnesota woman living with HIV and would like to be a part of HERR Day Out, call the AIDSLine at 612-373-2437; email at aidsline@justushealth.org; or text AIDSLine to 839863.