Ly VerHage, MSW - Psychotherapist

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Pronouns - they/them/theirs/she/her/hers

I have my Masters in Social work from Augsburg University’s multiculturally focused clinical program, and will soon be dually licensed as an alcohol and drug counselor. I have experience with group and individual therapy specific to religious trauma, adverse religious experiences, and faith transitions, and my goal is to support those in the LGBTQIA+ community in navigating the impacts on identity at that intersection.  My passion for this work is driven by my identity as a genderqueer human, and both my personal and professional experience in this area.  

I work from a trauma-informed, harm reduction, and sex positive position based in intersectional feminism. Trauma comes out in different ways with different folks and learning to understand and cope is difficult, yet freeing.  I am excited to work with those within the LGBTQIA+ and allied communities, those with trauma histories, those who have experienced disordered eating/fatphobic trauma, and/or chemical health concerns.  I am certified sexual assault advocate and have worked with youth , adults, and families with trauma, domestic/sexual/familial violence histories, and those who have experienced systemic disenfranchisement. 

You are the expert of your own experience and deserve a therapeutic relationship that is safe and judgement-free in which to pursue your goals, discover your strengths, and work through the tough stuff, while feeling supported and empowered.

Upcoming Group: Religious Trauma
This group might be for you if you have had a fundamentalist or abusive religious experience (i.e. conversion therapy) or upbringing that is negatively impacting your mental health.  This can include lasting struggles with internalized teachings that negatively impact your self-worth, identity, sexuality, or relationships and difficulty adjusting to or grieving a loss of community, value systems, or core beliefs. People of all religious backgrounds are welcome. This group centers LGBTQIA+ experience but is open to people of all identities. This group will focus on abusive religious experiences but does not view religion as inherently unhealthy—if you still have a relationship to a religious or spiritual practice, you are welcome in the group. 


Healing from Religious Trauma Teletherapy Support Group, Wednesdays 6-7:30pm from January 20th to June 9th, 2021.



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