Our Mission

The mission of Rainbow Health is to work for equitable health care access and outcomes for people who experience injustice at the intersection of health status and identity.

We center individuals and communities at risk of and living with HIV or facing barriers to equitable health care access and outcomes because of their identity as gender, sexual, and/or racial minorities.

  • We help people navigate healthcare systems by breaking down barriers, particularly LGBTQ+ people and those affected by HIV.
  • We work to End HIV by building on our four-decade legacy of providing the most comprehensive array of Minnesota AIDS Project’s wrap-around services for people with HIV. As a disease of injustice, the only way to end HIV is to end health disparities.
  • We offer unique and specialized mental and chemical health services by and for the communities we serve. Our care is trauma-informed, harm-reduction based, sex-positive, and meets people where they are. We turn no one away for inability to pay.
  • We work to empower people on the margins with relevant information, support, and connection to resources that allow them to lead healthier lives. Our legacy of four decades fighting HIV and LGBTQ+ health disparities has given us insight and experience that we can bring to the broader movement for health equity.
  • We educate and train providers about how to deliver better care for the diversity of LGBTQ+ and HIV communities through a lens of intersectionality.

We are Rainbow Health Minnesota, and we will do whatever it takes for each and every person to be cared for and respected.

Our Purpose

We bring our purpose to life in two primary ways:

  • Directly serving and supporting the needs of people who need help with compassionate care that breaks down barriers to better health.
  • Fighting for better health systems for those erased and excluded by educating care providers, policymakers, and one another.

The strategic actions we are taking to fulfill our purpose include:

  1. Embrace and lead a campaign to End HIV as a frame for our HIV work.
  2. Expand and implement a training and systems change social enterprise.
  3. Respond to the growing needs of older LGBTQ+ and HIV communities.
  4. Increase community engagement and empowerment.
  5. Explore options and feasibility for expanding targeted LGBTQ+ direct care services.
  6. Strengthen operational and financial stability.