Children's Hospitals and Clinics

CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL AND CLINICS of Minnesota provides a full range of medical and social support services to women, children, youth and their families living with HIV.  Pediatric infectious disease specialists and certified nurse practitioners provide HIV medical care to children and youth up to age 22 at our locations in Minneapolis and St. Paul.  HIV-positive pregnant women, children, youth and their families are eligible to participate in family medical case management, mental health support services, perinatal care coordination, peer support, and preconception health services regardless of medical care site. 

Family medical case managers coordinate medical care and support services, provide counseling on HIV disease, sexual health, medication adherence, HIV disclosure and assist with the transition of youth to adult HIV care. 

Nursing care coordination is provided to HIV-positive pregnant women and their partners during pregnancy and for up to 6 months following birth.  Services include coordination of medical care across specialty providers and health systems.  The nurse coordinator also provides clinical education on he care and treatment of HIV-positive pregnant women and HIV-exposed infants to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV.

Peer navigators are available for families, youth and women to provide assistance navigating the system of HIV care and support for those living with HIV. 

Health education risk reduction for young adults and pregnant women. Accepts most public and private health insurance plans.  Will work with people who are uninsured to help them access coverage.  Perinatal nursing care coordination and support services offered free of charge.

Office hours 

7:30 a.m. – 8 p.m.

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