MN LGBQ Student Survey Report

Invisible Youth: The Health of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Questioning Adolescents in Minnesota
invisible youth

The Minnesota Student Survey provides the most comprehensive data on the life experiences of Minnesota youth. It is a snapshot of current Minnesota students’ school and home lives, creating a vital stream of trend data that maps how Minnesota student outcomes improve or falter over time. With the addition of a sexual identity marker on the 2013 survey, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and questioning students can now enjoy the benefit of having their story told. Data on this population will provide undeniable and invaluable statistical support for LGBQ youth advocates, allowing policy makers, educators, healthcare providers, and families to make substantial changes for LGBQ youth. In October 2015, Rainbow Health Initiative published a report on the information that was collected in the 2013 survey. You can download a full copy of this report here.


Brady Hanson, MSW

John Azbill-Salisbury, MPH
Heidi Johnson, MA
Jessie Kember, MA

Emma Marchese

This report was made possible through funding from the Community Health Initiative, a partnership from Medica, and the University of Minnesota Office for Business and Community Economic Development.

Rainbow Health Initiative would also like to acknowledge the invaluable assistance received from the staff at the Minnesota Center for Health Statistics at the Minnesota Department of Health.