Tynessia Snoddy

Tynessia Snoddy photo

Pronouns - She/her/hers

I’m a graduate student at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota in the Counseling Psychology Program. I will be pursuing licensure as an LADC and LPCC. I earned my BA in Psychology from University of MN - Twin cities. I currently work as a Behavioral Health Intern at JustUs Health. I also work as the Supportive Services Manager at Clare Housing-Marshall Flats. I specialize in harm reduction/risk reduction, strengths-based, solution-focused, trauma-informed, and person-centered care. In both roles I provide safe, healing, and restorative supportive care to people living with HIV/AIDs. My being a part of the continuum of care allows for the elimination of stigma and disease, and the optimization of the lives of people affected.

During my practicum, I plan to focus on assessment tools for appropriate diagnosis and treatment planning, as well as learn to implement CBT and DBT. I currently serve people in the LGBTQ community and communities of color, most of whom have experienced trauma, stigma, and all the “isms”. My experience involves working with matters such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress response, and severe and persistent mental illness, as well as grief, transition, and addictions.

My belief is that everyone has the right to exist as they are without shame or stigma. I believe everyone has an innate desire to self-actualize, and I’m here to support clients in the process of healing and living in a state of wellness.


For information on JustUs Behavioral Health Clinic, visit www.JustUsHealth.org/clinic. To make an appointment, call 612-373-9160 or email us at clinic@justushealth.org.